Line Card

C S & B



Plumbing  tubular, bath drains, strainers, and grab bars


Faucet attachments including flow regulated aerators, laminar devices and sprays

Holyoke Fittings

Brass flared and compression fittings and screwed brass fittings and nipples

Oasis / Sunroc

Electric water coolers and drinking fountains

J.C. Whitlam Manufacturing Company

Quality plumbing chemical specialties (PVC Solvent Cements, thread sealants, wax rings,  plumbers putty, drain cleaners, etc) and quality hand tools (PVC Cutters, saws, shovels, rubber straps, etc)

Precision Plumbing Products

Water hammer arrestors, trap primers, and other specialty plumbing items

Moen Commercial


Commercial kitchen, lavatory, tub/shower faucets; stainless steel sinks

Rockford Separators

Grease, oil, sand, and lint separators, garage drains and trench drains.